TEDx52°27’53.424”N, 13°19’51.815”E

2 Jun 2018


TEDx52°27’53.424”N, 13°19’51.815”E

Erin Mitchell: The Future of Virtual Nature
Artist Erin Mitchell discusses the future biological and environmental possibilities of virtual nature and shares the research behind her development of fully immersive, natural virtual environments. 

About the Speaker:
Erin Mitchell is a conceptual multimedia artist working at the intersection of nature, technology, and advanced capitalism. She is known for her research into virtual nature and development of hybrid natural virtual environments. 

TEDx52°27’53.424”N, 13°19’51.815”E, loosely hosted in conjunction with TEDx and the TED organization, is a brief talk presented by artist Erin Mitchell at a virtual location specified only by its geographic coordinates. 

Hosted by a private, online-based network of future-looking artists, creatives, and innovators at the intersection of art, culture, and technology, TEDx52°27’53.424”N, 13°19’51.815”E is just one of many talks and discussions released under the TEDx name and its independent geographic coordinates. Each speaker is given full autonomy over the format of their talk, identifying the location in which the talk is given, and releasing any recording, documentation or presentation of the talk as they see fit. Identifying itself by only the TEDx name and the coordinates of each of its speakers’ locations internationally, the organization seeks to empower individual creatives to create a nebulous, decentralized online network to express and exchange ideas in new formats beyond the borders and limitations of the physical world. In this way, the organization itself wishes to remain anonymous.

Building on the thematics of TED—Technology, Entertainment, and Design—the talks are modelled after the popular format that has become known as the “TED talk.” TED, a nonprofit vocal about its mission of spreading new ideas, has become well-known for inviting notable speakers to give “short, powerful talks” (no longer than 18 minutes) on a variety of topics. In addition to the original TED conferences, talks from these events are also made available and have become widely circulated online. Since its beginnings in 1984, TED has become an international phenomenon, covering a wide range of subjects—from science to business to global issues—in over 100 languages. In addition, TEDx offers communities around the world the opportunity to continue this legacy by hosting independent affiliate conferences in conjunction with the larger TED organization.

TEDx52°27’53.424”N, 13°19’51.815”E
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